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    For your further development

    • GDPR compliant
    • individually to your questions
    • direct exchange in small groups
    • From the practice for the practice
    • Inspiration for you and your lessons
    • Network with people in your area

    This is what membership offers you

    • Input through webinars
    • Internship contacts
    • Forum for exchange
    • Live Coffee Dates

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    What do I get for the €30 membership?

    With the €30 membership you get full access to all of our webinars. You can then book these webinars for a fee and actively participate in them. Additionally, you will become part of our community and gain access to many other features, including our shadowing platform, live coffee dates, materials and much more.

    How can I cancel my membership?

    You can easily cancel your membership by deleting your account on our website and unsubscribing from the newsletter. This means you will no longer receive any further information or invitations to events and will no longer see any webinars.

    How can I support your work financially?

    You are welcome to send a donation via PayPal Coffee Fund to support my work. Thank you for that! :)

    Who are the hosts of the webinars?

    The webinars are mainly held by me. I usually start with a short introductory lecture on the respective topic and we then quickly move on to an exchange in order to benefit from the participants' experiences. Occasionally I also invite experts in their fields to provide additional insight and value.

    Which payment methods are available?

    We accept all common payment methods.