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    Lesson LIVE

    Here you can discover teachers who teach in a different way. Maybe you can find someone in your immediate area with whom you can get in touch, exchange ideas and even observe a class.

    Would you like to become part of this network yourself? Then send us an email with your application text and pictures of your work to
    We will get back to you immediately!


    • Beatrix Overrider / beatrixoverrider
      📍Primary school in Regensburg
      🌟 Learning offices Math, German & HSU / Studio work
    • Lisa Werner / middle school love
      📍Middle school in Dietenhofen/Ansbach district
      🌟 Digital teaching in combination with the Chur model
    • Cristina Perras / mimi_lillylove
      📍Middle school in Karlsfeld
      🌟 Lessons in the Chur model
    • Theresia Müller / frau_muellers_schultraum
      📍Middle school in Fürth
      🌟 Chur model lessons, iPad class, alternative assessments
    • Julia Häberle / haberlejulia
      📍Primary school in Dachau
      🌟 Foundation of the forest class
    • Katharina Meisl / kathrinchen_x
      📍Primary school in Tischenreuth
      🌟 Lessons in the Chur model
    • Patricia Schantz
      📍Primary school in Eching
      🌟 Lessons in the Chur model (1st/2nd grade)
    • Corinna Schriefer / frau.scr
      📍Technical and vocational high school in Triesdorf
      🌟 Weekly plans, progress discussions, alternative performance assessments - all in the upper grades
    • Verena Kriszuns / class heroine
      📍Primary school in Odelzhausen
      🌟 Chur model (1st/2nd grade), digital learning street, studio work, school psychologist
    • Tanja Umbach
      📍Primary school in Altomünster
      🌟 Lessons in the Chur model, Leßmann concept
    • Astrid Nickl
      📍Special school in Hemau
      🌟 Lessons in the Chur model, digital/ individual / differentiated learning with the iPad
    • Jana Weberpals
      📍Steingaden Middle School
      🌟 Lessons based on the Chur model, independent work with learning paths


    • Andrea Seifert / treacher
      📍Primary school (1-6) in Grünheide
      🌟 Learning on learning ladders (German), studio work, digital lessons
    • Julia Dauer / misserena_
      📍Primary school (1-6) in Berlin
      🌟 Chur model in vintage mix 4/5/6
    • Kristin van der Meer / vandermeer_sisters
      📍Primary school in Potsdam
      🌟 Open lessons from grade 1, digital learning offices, AD(H)D trainer


    • Stepfanie Manns / wili_wir_lernen_individuell
      📍Primary school in Fulda
      🌟 Development of a teaching concept for individual learning, weekly outdoor school day

    North Rhine-Westphalia

    • Frederike Schöningh / waldorf.insel
      📍Waldorf School in Hamborn Castle
      🌟 Walddorf education, action education, learning in motion
    • Taimie Hausdorf / tammskii
      📍Primary school in Bielefeld
      🌟 Across all grades (1st-3rd), lessons in the Chur model, textbook-free English lessons


    • Johannes Wolz / milos_primary_school_world
      📍Guntersblum Primary School
      🌟 individualized learning paths, flexible seating, "Golden Table"
    • Susanne Ruppert / mrs.rupad
      📍Wunderburg Primary School
      🌟 Media consultant, cross-year teaching, author & blogger