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    A milestone for Kunstunstunde: Our first live coffee date!

    I can hardly believe how inspired and happy I am right now! Our first Live Coffee Date from Kunstunstunde was an absolute success that far exceeded my expectations. Over 60 teachers from Germany and Austria were there, and we spent an unforgettable time together.

    It was a mix of inspiring talks and lively discussions in small groups that formed the heart of this event . The talks were tailored to the needs of the participants, based on the questions they had asked beforehand.

    Exchange & Networking

    And that was not all: A small buffet with delicious finger food provided for the physical well-being, while the atmosphere was characterized by numerous great conversations. Each participant received a card at the entrance on which they could write down their name, location, type of school and three hashtags that describe the class or the person. These little cards proved to be real ice breakers and made contact with each other much easier.

    At the end, each participant was allowed to take home a goodie bag, filled to the brim with sponsored little things from companies such as bagoney , teachly , eizbach and of course Kunstunstunde.

    • "The event was more than just an event - it was an inspiring and connecting experience! The opportunity to ask specific questions and to exchange ideas and network with like-minded participants was incredibly valuable. It was encouraging to feel that you are not alone with your ideas and thoughts. The organization was absolutely first-class and made the process run smoothly. You could feel how much love and care was put into the planning. This event definitely showed that it is worth attending again next time. I can hardly wait to benefit from the inspiring atmosphere and the valuable exchange again! Many thanks to the kunstundstunde team for this unforgettable experience! Thanks especially to Nils, who plays an extremely important role in this construct, which we all only really became aware of on this day."

    • "Thanks to Leonie, Nils & Co., a small idea is turning into something really big. You feel the energy, the desire and the courage and at the same time you forget for a moment the feeling of powerlessness in this education system. Taking good steps forward together and being part of a movement - THANK YOU for making this possible!"


    Emotional rollercoaster

    But that's just the beginning! The next Live Coffee Date is already in the starting blocks and is expected to take place in Frankfurt in September . This time, everyone should have the opportunity to take part, no matter which part of Germany or Austria they come from. We plan to invite well-known personalities from the Instagram teachers' room as well as other important education influencers such as Ferdi Stebner and Co. - so it promises to be another unforgettable event!

    I am already looking forward to many more inspiring encounters and exchanges with like-minded people. Kunstunstunde has taken a big step and I am full of anticipation for everything that may come!
    Leonie Founder of kunstundstunde