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    Plan B: New ideas for learning ❤️‍🔥:

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    What is it really about? ❤️‍🔥

    “In Germany there is currently a particular focus on primary school education. This can be explained for various reasons. On the one hand, there are concerns due to the poor results of German primary school students in international education studies such as the IGLU study and the IQB education trend. In addition, the increase in people with psychological problems, such as anxiety disorders, is a worrying phenomenon. Another aspect is the legal right to full-day care, which will come into force from 2026.

    However, it is important to emphasize that there are primary schools that are taking bold steps and pursuing innovative approaches. Its goal is to support students as needs-oriented and individually as possible. An exemplary example of such schools is the Albert Schweitzer School in Wetzlar, a state school with an entrance level that accepts five-year-old students. A team of scientists and filmmakers was recently on site to hold an information event on the topic of "Future Learning" for guardians and to get to know the school better. As a result of these activities, a film was created which you can watch here. The film sheds light on the topic of “the future of primary schools” and questions what this development is actually about.”

    Self-regulated learning❤️‍🔥

    “The keynote took place as part of the Comprehensive School Teachers’ Day 2023 at the University of Osnabrück. Over 600 teachers and members of the educational staff took part in this event, which was carried out as a school-internal teacher training course (SchiLf) in a collective setting. The initiative for this day came from the network of comprehensive schools in the Osnabrück-Emsland region, which also took over the organization. Following the keynote, participants were offered various workshops.”