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    Paws on the way - educational dog training

    Paws on the way - educational dog training

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    • Legal Aspects
    • First aid measures & body language
    • Stress & calming signals
    • Observation with school dog
    • Teaching materials
    • Practical exercise
    • School dog concept & hygiene plan
    • Exchange and network

    The training includes the following main areas

    1. Legal aspects: Information on the legal framework and regulations for the use of school dogs in schools. We will discuss in advance how to evaluate a school dog program and share proven strategies for integrating a school dog into the school family and everyday classroom life.

    2. First aid measures and training in dog body language, including stress signals and preventive measures, are on the program.

    3. We conduct practical exercises in a real school environment to ensure that dog, student and teacher can interact safely. Materials and school concepts can also be viewed.

    4. You have the opportunity to observe a fourth grade class with a school dog to understand the impact an experienced school dog has on the learning environment.

    5. Finally, there is the final exam, which includes both theoretical and practical parts, including the presentation of your own school concept.

    Our "Paws on the Way" school dog training is an intensive and practice-oriented course that offers you and your dog a solid basis for a successful school dog career. We look forward to accompanying you on this path and developing a trusting and harmonious school dog relationship together!

    The hard facts

    • 3 months
    • 960€
    • Training to become a qualified school dog team
    • Bookable via FiBs (Bavaria)
    • Bookable via email (other federal states)

    What participants say

    about our training

    • The school dog training was an extremely enriching experience for me. Not only did it give me valuable knowledge and skills to work with dogs in school environments, but it also enabled me to develop a deeper connection with these wonderful animals. The training was well structured and offered enough practical exercises to apply what I had learned. Working with my dog ​​as a school dog not only boosted my confidence, but also had a positive impact on the students in my class. I really value the school dog training and am grateful for the opportunities it has opened up for me.

    • The school dog training offered a balanced mix of theory and practice, whereby the practical implementation of what was learned was particularly valuable. The observation of lessons with an already trained school dog and its owner was a highlight that helped me to gain confidence in dealing with students and the school dog. The training gave me the necessary skills to work with school dogs and awakened my passion for this special form of teaching. I am very satisfied with the training and would happily recommend it to others.

    • The school dog training was an extremely positive experience that I would like to share. The lecturers were extremely competent and committed. The lectures were well structured and conveyed the necessary knowledge in an understandable way. Particularly worth mentioning was the delicious cake that was served during the breaks - this made the learning atmosphere even more pleasant.

      What I particularly liked was the open and friendly communication with the organizers. They were always approachable and helpful, which helped the participants feel comfortable and well looked after.

      Overall, the school dog training was a completely positive experience that not only provided the necessary knowledge for working with school dogs, but also enriched me on a human level. I am grateful for this experience and can recommend the training with a clear conscience.

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    Insights into the training

    Seminar day

    in the classroom according to the Chur model

    Our dummy

    for demonstration exercises

    Susanne Zischgl

    is a certified dog trainer and offers training in first aid and stress signals.


    is available for everyone :)

    First aid measures

    are practiced in a circle on the dummy