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    Vertiefung des Wissens durch Webinare: Der Weg zur Meisterschaft im Churer-Modell - Kunstundstunde

    Deepening knowledge through webinars: The path to mastery in the Churer model


    In the dynamic landscape of education, ongoing professional development for teachers is essential. Webinars have established themselves as effective platforms for learning and developing teaching skills. They not only provide access to global resources, but also opportunities for interactive participation and collaboration.

    Interactive learning sessions:

    The strength of webinars lies in their interactivity. Teachers can ask questions, have discussions and receive feedback in real time. This promotes a deep understanding and practical application of the Churer Model, a pedagogical method based on the integration of theory and practice.

    Case studies and application examples:

    In this post, we present detailed case studies that illustrate the application of the Churer model in the classroom. These real-world examples provide insight into the challenges and successes associated with implementing this method and demonstrate how webinars can help overcome obstacles and maximize learning.

    Resources and materials for further training:

    The resources available in webinars are second to none. We offer a hand-picked selection of reading materials, videos and online courses aimed at expanding the knowledge and skills of teachers in the Churer Model. These resources are designed to bridge theory and practice, allowing teachers to apply their insights directly in the classroom.


    Deepening knowledge through webinars opens doors to a world of educational excellence. For teachers looking to master the Churer Model, these online platforms provide an invaluable resource. They combine theory with practice, promote professional development and enrich the student learning experience. In an ever-evolving world, webinars provide teachers with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to be at the forefront of educational innovation.

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