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    Wie es dazu kam, dass ich so arbeite, wie ich arbeite: Eine Reise von der Montessori-Pädagogik zum Churermodell - Kunstundstunde

    How I came to work the way I do: A journey from Montessori pedagogy to the Chur model

    The beginning of an educational journey

    2021 marked the start of my legal clerkship in Bavaria, an intensive two-year process that would further shape my views on education and teaching. The first year was characterized by internships, observations and learning from experienced colleagues at various schools. This period of reflection and learning was crucial in questioning and refining my own beliefs and methods.

    The discovery of the Chur model

    The traditional frontal teaching practiced in many schools does not resonate with my innermost beliefs about learning. Inspired by my time at the Montessori school, I looked for an approach that promotes the individuality and potential of each child. During the summer holidays, when I was preparing to take over my first class, I discovered the Churer model.

    A revelation in pedagogy

    A random Instagram video became the catalyst for a profound change in my teaching practice. Fascinated by the principles and flexibility of the Chur model, I deepened my knowledge through specialized training and exchanges with teachers who have already successfully implemented this approach. The Chur model, still a blank slate in Germany, became the heart of my pedagogical practice.

    The Transformation of the Classroom

    From day 1 of my second year of traineeship, I integrated the Churer model into my teaching. It was a natural extension of my beliefs and experiences and allowed me to create a learning environment based on each student's individual needs, strengths and interests. Away from rigid frontal teaching towards a dynamic, reactive and supportive learning environment that enables every child to develop their full potential.


    My journey from Montessori pedagogy to the Chur model is a tale of discovery, growth and transformation. Every experience, every encounter, and every concept learned helped shape the teacher I am today. In an ever-changing educational landscape, a willingness to adapt, learn and evolve is not only a necessity but also an opportunity to make learning more enriching, meaningful and individualized for our students.